What is the best approach to teaching phonics?

What is the best approach to teaching phonics

What is Phonics? Phonics is a method of teaching children how to read and write a language by demonstrating the relationship between the sounds (phonemes) and their corresponding letters (graphemes) in the language. For anyone to learn a language, accurate identification and learning of the sounds used in the language need to be made, and […]

When is the best time for a child to learn English in 2023?

When is the best time for a child to learn English

Have you ever wondered what’s the best time for a child to learn English? The Austrian Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein who is famous for his works on the philosophy of Language once quoted “ The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. ” This quote holds even greater value in the present times […]

Top 9 Chinese New year Activities for Kids 2023

chinese new year

Now is a great time for teachers and parents to start teaching children about the Chinese New Year. There are lots of ways to do this, including telling stories and allowing the children or students to ask lots of questions and discuss. However, there are also tons of great Chinese New Year activities that enable […]

10 Best Learning Centres For Kids in Hong Kong in 2023

Learning Centres For Kids

Learning doesn’t have to be confined to the confines of a traditional school. In fact, there are plenty of great learning centres for kids out there that can put your child on the path to success. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the ten best learning centres for kids in Hong […]

Cheerful Christmas Events For Kids in Hong Kong 2022

Christmas Events Fun to Learn English

Getting Ready for Christmas Looking for some grand Christmas events for kids in Hong Kong? Here are some of our favorites! First up is the Annual Christmas Parade in Central. This festive event features marching bands, floats, and other festive attractions, and is a great way to get into the holiday spirit! Next up is […]

English learning at A2-level – A Resourceful guide.

A2 level English Learning Guide

You are an ambitious learner of the English language. You have reached the intermediate level and you want to go even further, but where do you start? Should you just keep reading and practicing everything out of a book? If that sounds like your plan, I urge you to take a look at our article […]

Learn English the Fun Way: A Guide to A1 Level

What Can A Learner Of English Accomplish at A1-level - Complete guide.

Learning English can be a fun and rewarding experience starting from the very basics. As you’re starting your English learning journey, A1 is where to begin. It is the first step towards reaching fluency and it’s essential to build a strong foundation before you move on to more advanced levels. In this comprehensive guide to […]

The Importance of Phonics for Kids’ Education in 2022.

Importance of Phonics

Section 1: Why Is it Important to Learn Phonics? Section 2: Different Types of Literacy and Its Importance Section 3: How Can Parents Help Their Child Improve Their Reading Skills? Section 4: What Should a Parent Do If Their Child Struggles with Reading? Phonics are the building blocks of learning to read, and they form […]

5 New Benefits of Learning English at a Young Age.

5 Benefits of Learning English at a Young Age

Knowledge of the language is the gateway to understanding. ~ Roger Bacone Learning English is better at an early age than doing so at the later stages. For such reasons, parents educate their children as young as possible. They are enhanced in learning skills and gain intellectual strength. At an early age, one must possess […]