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Best DSE English Writing Vocabulary List – 200 Words

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Best DSE English Writing Vocabulary List - 200 Words

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One of the main things to pick up as one learns a new language is vocabulary. Along with grammar and sentence structure, words form a core part of any language and help make the distinction between a native and a learner.

Bilinguals often form a larger English writing vocabulary by virtue of learning multiple words in each language and looking for its alternative in the other.

How to improve your DSE English writing vocabulary?

As children grow, they eventually pick and use words they see others around them using. This is an extremely organic process and a child’s vocabulary grows via 3 methods: imitation, practice, and generalization.

However, expanding one’s vocabulary can be organic, it is also something you need to spend some time on and learn manually.

While learning new vocabulary, it is essentially important to focus on action words, as opposed to nouns. It is these words that help one ask questions or describe things. 

As parents, one of the best things you can do to increase the span of your child’s vocabulary is to encourage them to keep using the words they hear. Introducing them to various interactive games for English learning can be a good option.

You can do this by introducing action words and asking them about their various actions – such as eating, sleeping, tying shoelaces, etc. As this becomes a habit, older students will automatically incorporate words they hear within their daily vocabulary.

However, on a more academic route, you can introduce words that can be used within an essay. Essay-based incorporation allows students to understand the meaning, usage, and various tenses.

English writing words for vocabulary
Best DSE English Writing Vocabulary List - 200 Words 2

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200 word list for DSE English Writing Vocabulary

We’ve compiled a list of 200 words, which can be used for the early childhood development program of students with Down’s Syndrome. Based on the guidance of the DSE International Learning Centre, this list contains words that students might often confuse or pronounce in the wrong way, everyday action words, and descriptors that can help with more effective communication of ideas. Practicing with this list will help your child improve their vocabulary and understanding of phonetics and sentence structures. 

While many stick to rote learning of words, the right way is to understand the meaning and use it in sentences in daily life. While we’ve added a usage for each word, do feel free to make up your own sentences as you read on!

Serial numberWordMeaningUsage
1achieveTo reach a goal through effortAfter many years, he finally achieved his goal of becoming a teacher. 
2abilityThe skill or proficiency to perform something properlyOver the years, she lost her ability to recall names. 
3ambitionThe desire to achieve success in somethingHis drive and ambition led him to win the award at such a young age.  
4attackTake action against, usually aggressive – can be verbal or physicalThe article was a direct attack on the new government policy. 
5awardThe act of awarding – giving prize, payment, recognition, or others, which can also be the prize itself The company awarded him with a medal for his years of service. ORHer study is decorated with all the awards she received during her lifetime. 
6attitudeA person’s feelings and perspective regarding somethingHer passion and positive attitude toward the job made her an ideal candidate for a promotion.  
7argumentA disagreement, opposing views regarding a topicFrequent arguments regarding their political stance led to the downfall of his marriage. 
8balanceA situation or relationship where two separate forces (or the overall situation) are equal, or steadyShe had finally achieved a balance between her grades and social life. 
9beliefA trust or faith in something, not always with proofHe had a steady belief in the existence of an afterlife. 
10benefitGaining an advantageJoining the cricket team allowed him the benefit of accessing the pitch anytime. 
11blameDeclare responsibility on someone or a situation for being wrongThe entire blame for the accident was placed on the bus driver. 
12campaignA series of actions or operations, run in an organized way to achieve somethingHe ran a weeklong campaign trying to educate people about the pitfalls of wasting resources. 
13cyberRelated to the internet or computersCyber-crime has seen an exponential rise in recent years. 
14compulsoryMandatory – something one has to doHaving a Letter of Recommendation is compulsory for applying to this job. 
15crimeLegal wrong-doingStealing is a crime recognized across all civilizations. 
16challengeA call to engage in a contest or prove oneself or a factHe issued an open challenge to anyone to prove his scientific paper wrong. 
17competitionAn event where 2 or more people are pitched against one another to achieve somethingThe competition between the top banks in the country has multiplied this year. 
18conditionThe state in which a person or thing isThe tennis racket he brought for the game was in a pretty beat-up condition. 
19craveTo need or pine forHe craved validation. 
20dread Fear for somethingHe dreaded the slow approach of Exam Week.  
21damageHarm brought on a person or thing She ended up damaging her curler by leaving it on for too long. 
22decisionThe act of making a choiceShe finally made a decision to leave her job. 
23determinationBeing firm regarding something – usually a goal or belief His determination to achieve an award led to his success.   
24depressionSevere sadness – can also be a medical conditionA minor dentThe depression on the road caused her to lose her balance and fall.
25disappointmentA feeling of sadness due to expectations not being metShe was disappointed by the food choices offered at the all-you-can-eat buffet. 
26effortAn attempt made towards somethingShe made a serious effort at learning how to sew. 
27educationProviding academic instructionHe received an education in in performing arts and science. 
28effectA change resulting from somethingThe storm last night had a damaging effect on this week’s tourism. 
29emphasisTo place special attention on somethingShe teaches a course on Medieval English history with special emphasis on the 16th century. 
30enthusiasmExcitement Her enthusiasm towards cooking led her to open her own social media channel. 
31environmentThe surroundings of a thing or personHe grew up in a positive and uplifting environment. 
32equalHaving the same of something – could be color, size, capabilities, etc. They were both equal in terms of strength. 
33factInformation that is true and proven soIt is a fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun. 
34freedomThe ability or right to do as one wantsFreedom of speech is a basic right awarded to all citizens in a democratic country.  
35friendshipThe act of having a close, emotional relationship with a personThe two of them have had a friendship spanning two decades. 
36forceStrength, power, or energy – can be physical or intangibleThe company forced her into an early retirement to save on the paycheck. 
37fashionThe style of something, such as clothes, hair, etc. The latest fashion in the real estate market is to decorate houses minimally. 
38fascination The state of being interested in somethingHis fascination with true crime led him to start his own podcast on the subject. 
39failureThe act of not achieving something, or someone or something that has not achieved its goalHe felt like a failure for not passing the exam. 
40gainGet or achieveThe group gained entry into the mall after going through a security check. 
41governmentA group of people in a position of power that oversee the workings of a country, state or other political body. The early 2000s saw the monarchy being overthrown by a republic government. 
42growthIncrease Over the years, he has seen a slow and steady growth in this height. 
43gadgetA device, either mechanical or electronicHe is fond of new tech gadgets. 
44generateTo productThe town is finally using hydroelectric power to generate electricity. 
45harshHard or roughThe harsh weather conditions in the city caused them to move back home.
46highlightTo get attention or stand outThe highlight of the play was certainly the twist at the end. 
47healthA person’s physical or mental fitnessThe doctor declared him to be in peak health. 
48help To serve or aidShe needed some help with her maths homework. 
49habitatThe environment or surrounding – usually naturalOverpopulation is affecting the natural habitat of many animals. 
50heritageOld property, usually with familial or state valueHe was robbed of his heritage home by his cousins. 
51harmony An arrangement of musical notes that is pleasingORPeaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Despite the initial struggles, the family lived in harmony ever after. 
52ideaSuggestion People are temporary, but ideas are forever. 
53importanceAttaching value or special attention to somethingShe failed to understand the importance of good grades in securing her dream college. 
54identitySomeone’s information of existence, such as their nameHe hid his racial identity whenever he went abroad. 
55incomePayment for work doneThe family’s income was too little to support everyone’s education. 
56individual A person aloneEvery individual has the right to express their thoughts. 
57internationalOf around the worldThis flight covers national and international waters. 
58intenseExtreme They put him through an intense physical training routine for the job. 
59jobRegular work that offers paymentShe worked hard for the job she wanted. 
60journeyTravelling The journey to the train station was longer than the trip itself. 
61knowledgeThe act of knowing somethingHalf knowledge is a dangerous thing. 
62keenInterested inHe was keen on knowing more about plants. 
63kickoffTo start somethingThey kicked off the show with a cultural dance. 
64languageA mode of conveying informationThere are over 20 local languages in this region alone.
65laughterThe act of expressing joy The air was filled with the laughter and giggles of young kids. 
66lawRules that govern a country or bodyAll within the country must obey the law of the government. 
67leisureFree time or time that one enjoys He spent his weekends engaging in leisurely activities. 
68lectureA talk, is usually educational but can also be political or reprimandingHe offered a total of 50 lectures on botany across 2 universities. 
69lifeExistence The earthquake claimed the lives of 500 people. 
70leaderSomeone who assigns tasks and manages a bodyA good leader is a leader of the people. 
71marketA place where buying and selling of wares takes place. They always got their vegetables from the Sunday market. 
72measureThe act of determining the size or value of somethingYou cannot measure success in terms of money received. 
73methodThe process of way or doing somethingThere is only one method of properly extracting medicine from this plant. 
74memoryA remembrance of the past I only have a vague memory of my childhood home. 
75monotonousBeing the same every dayHer routine was pretty monotonous and boring. 
76mannerA specific way of doing somethingHis parents taught him good manners.
77newsImportant informationI have good news and bad news for you. 
78needRequired or necessaryHe needs help now more than ever
79negativeNot idealThe recent disaster has had a negative effect on our company’s stocks.
80opinionSomeone’s thought, view, or idea on somethingHe was of the opinion that this move is unnecessary. 
81oppositionResistance againstHis idea faced strong opposition from his team. 
82opportunityA chance to do or drive somethingAfter 4 years of working there, he finally got the opportunity of a promotion. 
83obtuseBeing slowShe was being deliberately obtuse regarding the plan. 
84organizeTo arrange The event was organized by the Cancer Foundation. 
85overviewA review or round-up of somethingTo give you an overview, the event mainly focussed on health improvement techniques. 
86overcrowdedFilled with more people than its capacityThe morning 9 AM train is always overcrowded. 
87onusResponsibility The onus of organizing this event is on you. 
88otherwordlyBeyond one’s imaginationSeeing the Northern Lights was an otherwordly experience. 
89protectTo save or shield fromShe protected her kids from extreme experiences.
90pressureA force on something, or to do somethingHe was pressured into taking the class. 
91planTo create an organized format forThe school planned a fun outing for all the students. 
92provideSupply The entire town is provided with grains from one single warehouse.
93progressTo improveHe has been making steady progress in his project.
94problemA less-than-ideal situationThe family missed their flight, causing problems early on in their trip. 
95produceTo generateThis field is capable of producing 200 kg of rice. 
96policyA legal or aligned upon course of actionThe general school policy suggests rustication whenever such incidents happen. 
97priceThe value of somethingThe price of rice has increased. 
98punishmentA task given as penance for doing something wrong.The thief was punished with 3 months of jail time. 
99plightA sad situationSuch is the plight of those living in poverty!
100polishTo shine or improve uponShe has been working on polishing her oration skills.
Serial numberWordMeaningUsage
101qualityThe standard of somethingThe quality of the dress was not very good. 
102questA journey to search for somethingHe’s still on his quest to find a good place to stay. 
103queuestanding in line for somethingThe queue at the shop gets long during midday
104quizA test He was quizzed on his knowledge of his country.
105quietDiscreet, with no noiseHe quietly tiptoed past his parent’s bedroom. 
106quiteTo a large extentThis house is quite big. 
107quaintOld-fashioned but in a good wayShe lived in a quaint, little country home. 
108qualifyTo have the standards for somethingHis qualified for taking the test. 
109qualmHave a feeling of unease, or worry about somethingHe has qualms about the plan but went ahead with it anyway. 
110quiverShiver or trembleHe quivered with anticipation of the announcement. 
111reactionHow one responds to somethingHis first reaction to the news was one of anger. 
112reasonThe cause or justification behind somethingThe reason for her move was not bad roommates but something else altogether. 
113restThe act of relaxingHe needed the rest after the long hours at work. 
114regulationThe rules of something that keep it in checkThe regulation is in place tp prevent rent from skyrocketing. 
115relationshipThe connection between something or people.Their relationship is one that’s purely platonic. 
116remembranceIn memory ofThe exhibition was hosted in remembrance of his uncle and his philanthropy. 
117responsibilityDuties one must performIt is his sole responsibility to notify his tenants regarding the move. 
118retaliateTo act back after receiving an insult or attack.The army retaliated with full force after the initial attack. 
119referTo bring in the example somethingHe referred to the works of Shakespeare while explaining his thoughts. 
120reputationThe general opinion towards somethingHe has a reputation for being short-tempered 
121roughNot smoothShe fell on the rough floor and skinned her knee. 
122radiantGlowing She looked radiant in the dress. 
123rebelTo stand up against authority He started rebelling against his parents as soon as he hit his teens. 
124regardOne’s opinion or attitude towardsHe was regarded as someone not to be messed with. 
125rhyme Words that end on similar soundsThe word “tall” and “fall” rhyme with one another. 
126renewTo begin again or do again They renewed their marriage vows after 20 years
127releaseTo let goHe was released from prison on bail. 
128reduceTo make less ofThey decided to reduce the overall waste their household produced every day. 
129revereTo hold in high regardHis position was a highly revered one within the company
130resideTo stay atThere was a family of squirrels who resided in the tree outside our house. 
131safetyBeing protected and secureSafety was her top priority while moving to a new city. 
132satisfactoryTo be content withHe found his job at the office quite satisfactory. 
133situationA particular state in which one finds themselvesHe was stuck in a particularly sticky situation. 
134severeSerious She was severely injured in the accident. 
135supportTo offer help They supported his decision to separate from his wife. 
136successTo accomplish somethingHis entire family rooted for his success. 
137skillsThe ability to perform something wellHis skills on the piano remain unmatched. 
138sanitaryClean or hygienic He rejected that specific house due to sanitary concerns. 
139secludedTo be isolatedHer place was pretty secluded from the rest of the town. 
140sufferTo experience something, usually negativeHe suffered from a bout of chicken pox during his childhood.
141temperSomeone’s state of mindShe was a mild lady, with an even temper. 
142tenderSoft The chicken was well-cooked, yet tender.  
143timeThe progress of existenceIf you don’t take steps now, time will pass you by. 
144trendA current fashionThe trend now is to be more sustainable with your purchases. 
145tribulationToublesHis path was paved with many trials and tribulations. 
146tallyTo match something with another thingHe tallied the dates with his friends, but something was off. 
147trickleThe slow movement of a liquidThe stream turned into a mere trickle during summer
148tenureThe duration of someone’s association with somethingHis tenure as a professor at that college has spanned 40 years now. 
149tabooSomething against common customsIt’s taboo to discuss such topics in public. 
150toneThe character or attitude of somethingHis words were mild, but the tone of his voice was hostile. 
151understandingComprehending somethingHe started understanding the math problems only after engaging in extra classes. 
152unassumingModest Her unassuming nature led her to believe the best in everyone. 
153unconditionalWithout limits or assumptionsHis love for this dog was unconditional
154ubiquitousEverywhere Turmeric is a ubiquitous item for every meal in this culture. 
155uniqueSpecial and one of its kindHer voice is a unique mix of dewy and husky. 
156uproarStrong opposition againstThe new policy was met with a huge uproar from the public.
157unanimousIn common agreement withEveryone unanimously agreed to make the policy more stringent. 
158urbanRelated to CitiesThe urban lifestyle can get quite lonely. 
159unbeatableSomething that is impossible to win His streak in the game remains unbeatable even after 20 years. 
160uncouthRude, rough, and ill-mannered Their father is an uncouth alcoholic, ruining the family fortune. 
162vitalImportant The heart is one of the body’s most vital organs.  
163viablePossibleThere are several viable options through which we can solve this problem.
164voidNothing; emptiness, or rendering something useless Her recent action has rendered her contract null and void. 
165valiantShowing courage He made several valiant attempts to rescue the child stuck in the fire, but failed. 
166valourBravery The army awards those who perform acts of valour on the battlefield. 
167vibrantColorful and full of energy Every year at this time, the city is decorated with vibrant colors and lights.
168versatileSomeone who can easily adapt to different thingsHer exposure to different cultures has made her quite versatile in fitting in with the locals. 
169venueThe location of something He chose the mountains as the venue for his wedding 
170vastLarge The ocean is more vast than any one of us can imagine. 
171veritableGenuine, or serious There was a veritable explosion behind her house last night. 
172vividPowerful, strong, and intense Her memories of her childhood home were still vivid in her mind. 
173varietyChoices of different thingsThe table was laid out with a variety of breakfast items. 
174visionThe ability to seeAs the years rolled by, his vision failed him. 
175vapidEmpty or not well thought outShe made several points, however, they were vapid and irrelevant. 
176warningStatement or advice that lets one know of something wrong that can happenShe ignored the slowing-down warning sign and kept driving the car at full speed. 
177wanderTo move around aimlesslyHe wandered around, hoping to come across a grocery shop. 
178wasteSomething that is thrown away, or of no further use She considered her Science degree to be a waste of her artistic talents. 
179withdrawTo take back or removeHe withdrew his money from the bank as rumors of a recession grew louder. 
180workPerforming a series of actions requiring mental or physical effort He worked day and night in the fields to get a good yield. 
181witherTo dry up or decayThe plants withered away due to lack of sunlight. 
182wagerTo bet onI’ll wager that he has another job on the side. 
183waiveTo reduce the price or value of somethingThe school waived off his fee due to his exemplary performance. 
184wearyExtremely tiredThe long train ride left him weary. 
185weirdNot in accordance with common normsThe way she styled her hair was weird and different from usual. 
186xenophobiaPrejudice against people based on the country they come fromHe was openly xenophobic towards the migrants who have shifted into his locality. 
187yawnOpen one’s mouth widely and exhale – a sign of tiredness She yawned thrice throughout the entire presentation
188yokeThe piece that ties something together – usually farm animals to their vehicles He made the ox pulled on the yoke to till the field. 
189yellTo shout He yelled at his friend to stop, but he was too far away. 
190yowlWail Somewhere in the dark, a cat was yowling away. 
191yankTo tug strongly He yanked on the anchor to draw the boat away from shore. 
192zilchNothing He was paid zilch for all the work he did. 
193zingerA statement or remark that is amusing and interesting The entire show was filled with interesting zingers and punchlines. 
194zigzagA path that goes left and right alternatively. The road was quite zigzagged and hard to drive on. 
195zappyEnergetic and upbeatWelcome back to the zappiest radio station in this city!
196zillionExtremely large number – not a formal mathematical unit I feel like I have not had a good night’s sleep in a zillion years. 
197zestPassion Though old, his zest towards life remains unmatched. 
198zoomSpeed awayThey zoomed past us in a fancy car. 
199zoneA specific, demarcated areaWe are entering a restricted zone. 
200Zenith The peak of somethingThe band reached the zenith of their success in the early 2000s. 


That concludes our list of DSE vocabulary. Words in any language are numerous, and as languages evolve, they pick up nuances and etymology from one another.

Language is also very localised. Hence, many words that are locally used in a place can also be part of the English vocabulary of that place. Think of “chai tea” or “carte blanche”! 

We invite you to not only go through this list but also read and keep adding to it. Make it your personal roster of words you add on to your daily life. 

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