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Boost Your Kids' English Confidence at Our Fun-Focused English Learning Centre

Where funspiration and education collide

Join our Fun to Learn English Learning Centre, where our caring and experienced English teachers are dedicated to your child’s emotional growth and academic success.

Watch as your child develops strong English skills and gains the confidence to communicate effectively in English.

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Fun and Engaging Courses for Kids

Welcome to our professional English Learning Centre in Hong Kong, where we provide high-quality and affordable English courses designed for students from Nursery (K1) to Primary (P6) level.

Whether your kid is just starting out or already an advanced learner, our courses are carefully crafted to meet their specific goals.

Phonics Power-Up Course

Phonics Power-Up Course

Age Range: 4-7 years old (K2 or above)

Baby Steps Phonics

Baby Step Phonics Course

Age Range: K1-K2 students

English FUNdation Course

English FUNdation Course

Age Range: 3-5 years old (K1-K3)

Grammar & Writing

Grammar and Writing Course

Age Range: P1-P6 students

Fun to Chat Room Course

Fun to Chat - English Chat Room

Age Range: K1-P6 students

Young Writers Course

Young Writers' & Junior Writers' Course

Age Range: K1-K2 students

Why most Parents are choosing Fun to Learn English for their Kids?

The problem with the traditional School System in Hong Kong has been that the approach to effectively educating young minds is well, boring.

With so much pressure to achieve and expectations to “be the best,” learning has become an experience that most students dread instead of enjoy.

We at Fun to Learn English are here to transform the modern standards of English learning in Hong Kong by harnessing the power of fun to:

  • Connect, engage, and inspire young minds to love learning
  • Help students master the English language with confidence
  • Create the most welcoming environment for students to thrive

How we can help

We don't just teach English – we inspire our students to become confident and articulate communicators.

We believe that learning a language is more than just memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules, it’s about expressing yourself, connecting with others, and opening up new opportunities.

Papa V
Mama Mia

Our Success Stories

Our students have gained the confidence to speak up and be heard, and they’ve discovered new opportunities that they never thought possible.

Meet Our Happy Parents

Play Video about Parent Testimonials for Fun to Learn English

Meet Our Happy Students

Play Video about Student Testimonials for Fun to Learn English
Testimonial from Marcus' Mama
Testimonial from Raya and Muji's Mama
Testimonial from Anna's Mama
Testimonial from Panki's Mama

Let's Make English Fun to Learn!

Fun-Focused. Heart-Centered.

When new students join our centre, we create the most supportive and community-driven experience that immediately feels like home.

We then complete an individualized assessment to ensure each student’s unique needs and learning styles are met and collect the vital insight we need to help them to reach their potential.

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Our Locations - Sheung Shui, Tai Po, Fanling and Tai Wo