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Gear Up to Meet Santa at Winter Wonderland 2023 Hong Kong!

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When it comes to children, Christmas is all about fun, laughter, and the irresistible aroma of baked cookies! They are excited about the presents under the Christmas tree and the comforting scent of the pine keeps beckoning them toward it.

And then there is Santa Claus!

It won’t be wrong to call him the mascot who brings along the spirit of the festival. He is the symbol of joy, merriment, and immense hope. This jolly old soul with his shiny bright eyes promises a load of gifts to the kids! And who doesn’t want to be surprised by Santa Claus on Christmas!?

Seems like Santa is arriving sooner this Christmas! All those tiny tots out there, get ready to meet Santa at Winter Wonderland 2023 in Hong Kong!

What is Winter Wonderland 2023?

Winter Wonderland is a fun-filled day that keeps the spirit of Christmas alive while taking children on a joyful ride of English learning. When we strongly believe that education is a journey that is beyond the confines of a classroom, what better day to sprinkle some magical sparkles on this learning experience? 

Winter Wonderland is an English camp for K1 to K3 students. It will be held on the 22nd of December, Friday for all those curious young minds who want to learn something new during the holiday season. 

With cherry-red hats, vibrant pom-poms, and colourful decorations, the entire atmosphere is buzzing with energy! This is the perfect time to make new friends, share some stories, laugh to your heart’s desire, and take a lot of cherishable memories back home. 

This immersive wonderland transforms regular language learning into a festive adventure! Children will be clubbing the excitement of Christmas celebrations with their curiosity to master the new language. The harmonious hum of the English words, vocabulary, sentences, and idioms will not seem so boring anymore, will they?

List Of Fun Activities

Winter Wonderland 2023 Hong Kong brings a magical twist to the routine classes. No, we are not planning to make children sit behind desks and write down English words that simply bounce off of their heads. Instead, we introduce them to fun activities that will keep them captivated and entertained throughout the day. While they giggle and have fun, they will also be learning newer nuances of the English language. Seeing how they are having fun while doing it, they will be able to retain what they have learned much more efficiently. 

See how that is a win-win? 

From singing Christmas Carols to interacting with fellow learners in English, there is so much your children can do on the day. 

Here is the list of fun activities that are going to keep the young ones hooked to this remarkable English learning camp.

Christmas Related Vocabulary

It is important to stay true to the theme now, isn’t it? When children of K1 to K3 visit the camp, they will be introduced to new English words related to the Christmas festivals. From twinkling lights to jingle bells, ornaments to tinsels, carols to feasts, there is so much to know about a plethora of things related to Christmas.

An introduction to vocabulary related to Christmas will create a strong foundation to further make sentences or initiate conversations about the festival. Well, one day they will be able to deliver speeches about the merriment that Christmas brings along with it. But for now, we will be focussing on showing them a glimpse of Christmas with an ‘English’ filter. 

At the end of the day, they will be able to actively identify English words that describe Christmas, things used during the festivals, the fun aspects of the annual celebration, and much more! All this while they have loads of fun with their peers!

Christmas Events Fun to Learn English
Gear Up to Meet Santa at Winter Wonderland 2023 Hong Kong! 2

Christmas Art and Craft

The Christmas arts and crafts aim to help children display their artistic flair. It will help them improve their cognitive skills, develop creativity and also associate the English words that they have learned with solid things. The tiny tots will be encouraged to draw festive sceneries, Christmas trees, ornaments, and of course, Santa Claus!

They will also engage in making crafts. For instance, they will be provided with the materials required to make Christmas tree hangings, clay decor, and personalised Christmas cards. Children can write down their well-wishes in English while experimenting with colourful pens, markers, stickers and glitters. 

This activity is perfect to fuel their talent, creativity, and innovative thinking. It is a good thing that children can see what their friends are making, take inspiration, and get a new creative perspective. This constructive method of learning is only possible when you bring English teaching into a festival setup. Aren’t we aiming for the best of both worlds!?

English Christmas Games

During the Winter Wonderland camp, several games will be conducted that will have an interesting Christmas theme while engaging children in learning new things in English. You can expect to see games revolving around finding new English words related to Christmas (word search), oral communication among peers, hangman, charades, and mini trivia among others!

The games will bring a wide smile to the children’s faces and also push them toward having a better English vocabulary. These activities are even more special than usual seeing how we are creating an interactive atmosphere during a festive gathering. Our English Christmas Games will help the young minds hop around while they learn something productive.

Christmas Stories

How is Christmas complete without the infamous Holiday tales? One of the best ways to attain mastery in English is to hear stories to understand how the wordings are used in sentences. We bring this to children in a very fun way by narrating stories related to Christmas. These can range from traditional tales to modern interpretations of age-old stories.

You may have heard these stories before on television, or seen them represented in plays or movies. However, Winter Wonderland 2023 Hong Kong adds a special splash of English language to these regular tales. When your children hear the alluring stories in English, they will be able to grab on to a few sentences and a few words are sure to imprint themselves in their minds. 

Children can familiarise themselves with the biblical story of the birth of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds. They can also enjoy tales that involve reindeer, elves, magical adventures, and of course, the superhero of Christmas – Santa Claus! 

Reading and sharing stories aloud has always been a Christmas tradition in families. Winter Wonderland 2023 Hong Kong aims to bring this practice to an English learning platform. The stories not only teach them a word or two in English but also give them inspirational messages and moral lessons.

Buckle Up to Receive Gifts From Santa!

Last but never the least, children attending the Winter Wonderland 2023 during the Christmas season will receive exciting gifts from Santa himself!

Drum Roll! – Let us introduce the most exhilarating part of the English camp. Children get to have a meet and greet with Santa and give him a big bear hug! The man with his rosy cheeks, long white beard, vibrant eyes, and a heartwarming laugh is going to shake hands with your lovely children! 

They get to ask him questions, run around with him, click pictures, and receive surprise gifts for being well-mannered throughout the year. This fun activity will add an element of happiness to the entire day! 

Santa represents kindness, and hope. He motivates children to never give up and when they cross important milestones in life, he presents them with thrilling gifts! That is exactly what our Santa in Winter Wonderland 2023 Hong Kong is going to do. Appreciating the children for their innate curiosity and zeal to learn English, he will be presenting them with gifts that will further help them master the language!

Join The Fun Ride…

Christmas is about new beginnings and positive energy. It is a festival that celebrates life! The occasion is all about new learnings, climbing up ladders and reaching a better place than yesterday. Munch on those cookies, feast on the turkey, and gulp down the elixir of immense joy and prosperity. While you are at it, let your children discover fun ways to learn English! 

Winter Wonderland 2023 Hong Kong invites parents along with their children to celebrate Christmas with lots of love and cheerfulness! Sign up for this camp and experience the joy of learning English while exploring the magical world of Christmas!

About the Author
Soumyajit Chatterjee
Soumyajit Chatterjee is a Contributing Editor with Fun to Learn English. He works with various educational institutes in Hong Kong to help them with improving modern English education and making learning with Phonics more fun and enjoyable for children.

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