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Master English with our English Courses in Hong Kong

Our English Learning Courses are designed with the sole intention of teaching children in Hong Kong how to learn English easily and efficiently.

Our unique blend of English Foundational Courses and Phonics with intuitive Grammar and Writing Classes and highly-interactive English Chat Room programs have been highly appreciated by our students.

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English FUNdation Course

English FUNdation is a unique course designed by Fun To Learn English Learning Centre which is aimed at developing children’s English skills and their general knowledge at the same time.

This course features a unique range of teaching mediums including videos, stories, songs, games, role play and practical activities, thereby creating an everlasting English learning experience for the kids.

Age Range: 3-5 years old (K1-K3)

Phonics Power-Up Course

Being able to pronounce English words the right way is of paramount importance. Here’s how Fun To Learn’s FUNtastic Phonics class adds to your child’s English learning progress.

Phonics Reading: With Fun To Learn English curriculum, children are taught to read by blending the English letter sounds in regular words, for example: ‘P-i-n’ is ‘pin’.

Age Range: 4-7 years old (K2 or above)

Grammar and English Writing Course

This English learning course is suitable for local primary students in Hong Kong who want to improve their English writing proficiency and also excel at their grammar skills.

Fun To Learn’s English grammar course teaches English grammar by helping our students to understand the components of a sentence. This is achieved in a fun and interactive way so as not to let the child feel overwhelmed by the intricacies of the English language. The basics of sentence structure (nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives) are taught in this particular course.

Age Range: P1-P6 students

Baby Steps Phonics Course

It is designed for toddlers and young English learners as a fun path to start their English learning journey.

Created to focus on letter recognition, letter sounds and pronunciation while building up vocabulary related to each letter.

The programme is created in a new innovative style, which can be used perfectly as in-class material (Circle Time + Flashcards + Booklet) as well as an online course.

Children will have the chance to practice each letter sound, learn new vocabulary and improve their pronunciation.

Age Range: K1-K2 students

Fun to Chat - English Chat Room

Fun to Chat (English Chat Room) is a fun, interesting and entertaining speaking course, it immerses kids in an English ONLY environment where they can absorb and acquire an abundance of essential English skills.

Kids in these lessons can learn different vocabulary about random topics and proper pronunciation of different words. Activities added to this English ONLY course by Fun To Learn include story-telling, self-presentation, show and tell, speech, interviews, etc…

Age Range: 3-10 years old

Young Writers' & Junior Writers' Course

At Fun To Learn English, we understand the importance of developing strong writing skills from a young age.

That’s why we’ve designed our English Writing Course to inspire and encourage young learners to explore their creativity and develop their writing abilities.

In addition, we also introduce new phrases and vocabulary every lesson based on our well-designed and interesting topics to enhance their writing skills.

Age Range: K1-K2 students

Online Resources for English Learning

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