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Baby Steps Phonics Course

Phonics Course for Beginners and Kindergarteners

75 Min / Lesson

K1 and K2 students

Embark on a Phonics Adventure with our Baby Steps Program! Join us as we discover the fascinating world of letters and sounds. Through engaging activities, captivating PowerPoint presentations, and interactive flashcards, children will learn to identify letters, their corresponding sounds, and expand their vocabulary.

Our fun-filled approach ensures that learning phonics becomes an enjoyable journey!

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Baby Steps Phonics Course

Do you know when children learn to read, they look at English words as ‘Shapes’ rather than just a word?

This is why it is crucial to have a curriculum that actually works for you child!

In Fun To Learn English, we start by removing your child’s natural instinct to view English words as ‘shapes’ to create a lasting foundation to develop proper reading skill.

Baby Steps Phonics
Phonics for Kids Course
Teaching Methodology in Baby Steps Phonics Course

Main Features of Baby Steps Phonics Course

  • Recognizing all the letters
  • Learning the sounds that each letter makes
  • Exploring how letters and sounds work
  • Learning in an English immersion environment
  • Learning new vocabulary

Our Class Routine

  • In the first 5 minutes, children greet one another as well as the teacher and sing songs.
  • From the 5th to the 25th minute: Circle time starts with a revision of all the previous sounds. Students will focus on learning a new letter sound and the words that begin with that letter through our various theme-based activities and PowerPoint presentations.
  • From the 25th to 50th minute: Our booklets will help them learn each letter sound and new vocabulary by tracing, matching, and coloring.
  • From the 50th to 75th minute: It’s time for more fun activities and songs. Our teachers will reward our students by giving them smiley faces and stickers according to their performance at the end of their lessons.

Every individual component, like in all our other English courses, helps children learn English by building up a solid foundation for them to stand on. With each step, the foundation becomes stronger and stronger, to the point where fluently speaking English becomes second nature for the children. Feel free to tune into our Baby Steps Phonics (Phonics for Kids) program.

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