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Phonics Classes for Kids

Phonics Power-Up Course

75 Min / Lesson

K2 to Primary students

Max 6 students

Premium and state-of-the-art Phonics classes for kids.

In this course students will learn the sounds that each letter makes and explore how letters and sounds work with our unique FFR methodology.

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Phonics Classes for Kids

Why is it unique and more effective for Kids to learn?

After conducting extensive research in our classes over the years, we have found that children tend to memorize the shapes of the words rather than read phonetically.

This revelation has led us to design our brand-new program, Phonics Power-Up, which strongly emphasizes the sound-to-letter connection as the foundation of learning to read and write.

Phonics and Decoding

Word decoding is an essential skill for learning to read that involves taking apart the sounds in words and blending sounds together. It allows children to recognize familiar words quickly and “sound out” or “decode” unfamiliar words they haven’t seen before. Word decoding, phonics, and phonemic awareness produce positive gains in both reading and spelling.

Our Phonics classes has four different levels to make sure it suits children from different age group and their capacity to learn.

Teaching Methodology in Phonics Power-Up Course
Phonics levels

Our Brand New Invention in quick Phonics learning!

At Fun To Learn English Learning Centre, we believe that learning phonics should be fun, fast-paced, and results-driven. That’s why we developed our unique FFR methodology.

Phonics FFR Methodology

Our FFR method is based on the latest research in phonics instruction, and is designed to help children learn essential phonics concepts more quickly and effectively. With our fast-paced approach, students can make significant progress in just a few sessions.

Our FFR method is designed to help children master essential phonics concepts quickly and easily, so they can read and spell with confidence.

Our experienced teachers use a variety of proven techniques and strategies to deliver fast and effective results, including interactive games, activities, and personalized instruction that caters to each child’s unique learning needs.

We are proud to say that our FFR method has helped countless students achieve success in reading and spelling, and we are committed to supporting your child every step of the way. With our fun, fast-paced, and results-driven approach, we are confident that your child will love learning phonics with us.

Enroll your child in our Phonics Power-Up program today and see the difference that our FFR method can make in their educational journey!

Phonics Power-Up Classes

What goes on inside the classes?

Understanding the sounds in words is essential for developing readers and writers. When students understand that words are made up of sounds, they can express themselves better through their reading and writing.

Through this program, students will learn the sounds that each letter makes and explore how letters and sounds work. They will learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet, and learn how to hear the individual sounds in a word. When they put these two things together, by matching letters with their sounds, they’re learning phonics.

We use our own PowerPoint presentations and flashcards to help children recognize the sound of the letters easily, in a fun way.

Fun Activities in our classes

Phonics Flashcards

Flash Cards

Phonics Sounds

Guess the letter sounds

Phonics Hammer Game

Hammer Game

Phonics Puzzles


Phonics Classes for Kids Curriculum

First 5 minutes

Children greet one another as well as the teacher and get ready for the lesson.

From 5th to 25th minute

Circle time starts with a revision of all the previous sounds. Students will focus on learning a new letter sound and words that begin with that letter.

From 25th to 50th minute

Our booklets will help them learn each letter sound and new vocabulary by tracing, matching and coloring.

From 50th to 75th minute

It’s time for fun activities and songs. Our teachers will reward our students by giving them smiley faces and stickers according to their performance at the end of their lessons.

Main Features of the Course

  1. Communication
  2. Creativity
  3. Work on the children’s motor skills to prepare for handwriting practice
  4. Focus on social and emotional skills
  5. Learning vocabulary through different themes
  6. Introducing the Phonemic Awareness (PA)
  7. Improving listening skills
Main Features of the Phonics COurse

Phonics Certificate Course

On completing each level of Phonics mastery, we offer Certificates of Completion to every student.

Phonics Power-Up Certificate Level 0
Phonics Power-Up Certificate Level 1

Our Happy Parents

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