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English Grammar and Writing Course

Grammar Course for Intermediate Level

75 Min / Lesson

K1 and K2 students

A well-structured paragraph is the foundation of great writing.

Our English Grammar & Writing Course have been designed to help students learn to write well-constructed paragraphs. They will also learn the proper use of punctuation, different tenses, irregular verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and prepositions.

Grammar and Writing Course

What differentiates us from other English Grammar Courses?

Our English Grammar & Writing English courses are designed to follow and revise the curriculum of local schools. Instead of doing by-topic grammar booklets, we provide test papers so that students are ready to sit their school exams throughout the academic year.

Parent feedback indicates that over 95% of students required less final preparation time for exams and achieved excellent results. Practice makes perfect!

Special English Grammar and Writing Classes
Class Routine for Grammar and Writing Course

Our Class Routine

In the first 5 minutes: Children greet one another as well as the teacher and get ready for the lesson.

The next 10 to 15 minutes: Teaching on the whiteboard.

From the 10th to 40th minute: Reading comprehension and grammar practice.

The last 20 minutes: Creative writing and/or fun activities.

Fun, Interactive Activities:

  • Charades
  • Guessing games
  • Spelling games

Main Features of the Course

  1. Write simple compound sentences accurately,
  2. Identify and use different tenses,
  3. Generate ideas and write well-structured paragraphs,
  4. Identify and correct different errors,
  5. Build a solid foundation of English, especially in grammar and vocabulary.

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