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Baby Steps Phonics 基礎英語拼音班 (適合幼兒)

Suitable for : K1 and K2 Students

75 Min / Lesson

通過我們的Baby Steps Phonics 基礎自然拼音課程,學生將能夠識別字母及每個字母的聲音。他們會探索字母和聲音是如何連繫及學習許多相關的詞彙。我們以不同主題活動及精心設計的投影片(PowerPoint)和字卡(Flashcards)來幫助孩子以有趣的方式輕鬆識別字母發音。

Baby Steps Phonics Course

Do you know when children learn to read, they look at English words as ‘Shapes’ rather than just a word?

This is why it is crucial to have a curriculum that actually works for you child!

In Fun To Learn English, we start by removing your child’s natural instinct to view English words as ‘shapes’ to create a lasting foundation to develop proper reading skill.

Baby Steps Phonics
Phonics for Kids Course
Teaching Methodology in Baby Steps Phonics Course


  • 識別所有字母
  • 學習每個字母的聲音
  • 探索字母和聲音的連繫
  • 沉浸在英語環境中學習
  • 學習新詞彙


  • 首 5 分鐘,與同學和老師互相打招呼及唱歌。
  • 第 5 至 25 分鐘:團體時間(Circle Time)— 先溫習先前學習到的聲音,其後通過以不同主題活動及投影片( PowerPoint )專注學習新的字母發音和以該字母開頭的單詞。
  • 第 25 至 50 分鐘:使用筆記來幫助同學通過追踪、匹配和填色來學習每個字母的發音和新詞彙。


Our Class Routine

  • In the first 5 minutes, children greet one another as well as the teacher and sing songs.
  • From the 5th to the 25th minute: Circle time starts with a revision of all the previous sounds. Students will focus on learning a new letter sound and the words that begin with that letter through our various theme-based activities and PowerPoint presentations.
  • From the 25th to 50th minute: Our booklets will help them learn each letter sound and new vocabulary by tracing, matching, and coloring.
  • From the 50th to 75th minute: It’s time for more fun activities and songs. Our teachers will reward our students by giving them smiley faces and stickers according to their performance at the end of their lessons.

Every individual component, like in all our other English courses, helps children learn English by building up a solid foundation for them to stand on. With each step, the foundation becomes stronger and stronger, to the point where fluently speaking English becomes second nature for the children. Feel free to tune into our Baby Steps Phonics (Phonics for Kids) program.

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