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Identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses in English

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Look what parents have said after bringing their child for a 15-minute free assessment prior to enrolment.👇🏼🩷

Our experienced professionals are skilled at identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses in English learning in detail within 15 minutes, which is crucial for customized learning. Even introverted children often surprise their parents by opening up and leaving with a smile within a 15-minute assessment! 🥰

Don’t hesitate to schedule an assessment today to give your child the best possible start in their learning journey!

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Identifying your child's strengths and weaknesses in English 6
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We are Fun to Learn English - the most engaging, fun-focused, and community-driven English learning centre for kids in Hong Kong. We observed early on that inside the boring and traditional school system and the pressure to achieve the expectations to "be the BEST", learning for kids has become an experience that most students dread instead of enjoy. From our highly demanded English Phonics courses and Grammar and Creative Writing courses to interactive English Chat Rooms, we have built a family-oriented and community-driven Learning Centre for kids that feels like home and delivers trans-formative outcomes. So contact us today to learn more about our courses and start your child on the path to success!
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