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8 Killer ideas for creative writing for kids

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ideas for creative writing for kids

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A child has to be proficient in creative writing since it will enable them to convey their ideas in original ways. However, it seems that kids have trouble coming up with original ideas for creative writing for kids, thus it is our responsibility as teachers or parents to help.

It allows children to expand their narrative and imagination skills. It is also very helpful to upgrade Basic English to a fluency level.

Do your kids find writing about serious matters to be boring? Perhaps it’s time to make their writing tasks more enjoyable by allowing them more latitude to select the study topics they find most interesting. We’ll cover a lot of topics in this article that are beneficial to everyone.

1. Use Writing Prompts

Kids may write creatively using writing prompts, which are fantastic tools. Their ability to think imaginatively will aid them with the first point. The goal of these exercises is to inspire children’s creativity.

Use the prompts that kids find more fascinating so you can easily write a story for them. Prompts are simple to discover in books, and the internet, or you can even write your own. Encourage children to compose stories, poems, and other types of writing by giving those prompts. With the use of prompts, you can provide children who are unsure about where to start their stories a beginning point and steer them in the right direction.

For example, assume that one day you woke up with the ability to speak with animals.

What would you do?

How do you communicate with them?

Write a story about the conversation with your new animal friends.

Like this, you can use other prompts to give tasks to your kids. This is a very amazing way to enhance their imagination.

2. Encourage imagination

Finding creative writing inspiration requires encouraging imagination. Kids should be encouraged to utilize their imagination to come up with or write stories. With the help of this activity, kids will discover their interests and hobbies before selecting the topic that they find most fascinating.

A child who is interested in space, for instance, might compose a story about the solar system. Encourage your child to daydream and imagine various situations or stories. This will enable them to write incredible stories. Providing feedback to them as opposed to just pointing out errors will help them develop their imagination and creativity.

Admire their innovative ideas, then watch them improve the following time.

For Example, just close your eyes and imagine you are walking in the forest.

What do you see?

What do you hear?

Are you afraid?

What challenges do you face?

And what did you learn from this experience?

Like this, there are many other exercises that you can do with your kid. It will help kids to use imagination and sensory details to create vivid scenes in their minds.

3. Read Widely

Reading is another fantastic method for assisting children with their creative writing. You can read a wide variety of texts and text kinds by reading widely. This includes books, poetry, journalism, etc. A student can learn about various writing styles via reading.

Children’s reading habits can significantly broaden their worldview and knowledge, which is crucial for their ability to write creatively. The kids’ creative thinking skills are improved by this practice. As kids read, many things will pique their imagination, allowing them to generate original ideas. Aid them in developing their vocabulary as well.

Children learn how to develop various characters and the plot of a narrative while they are reading. For example, select a book that your kid like the most and read it again with them. This time tries to make them concentrate on how the author builds the character creates the scene and develops the plot.

Which technique do they use to engage the reader and keep the story going? By concentrating on all these points kids can learn all those things and in their writing, these concepts will help them to create a wonderful story.

Read Widely
8 Killer ideas for creative writing for kids 3

4. Have Fun with It

Make an effort to offer something intriguing when writing creatively. If the children didn’t find anything entertaining, they didn’t pay much attention to it. Make sure they enjoy themselves while working on their creative writing. It’s all right to chuckle a little.

Give your children some breathing room; the results may surprise you. You should allow them the option to write about some serious topics while they’re having fun. Your kids will express their distinct and humorous sides when they write creatively, and you could find it intriguing to watch them.

The likelihood that children will develop a lifelong love of writing increases when they are having fun while writing creatively. In such a manner also try to focus on the grammar of your kids. You can take a look at our grammar and writing course.

5. Storytelling

Here is a concept for creative writing and storytelling. By asking them to describe the main characters and develop an outline, online storytelling is a fantastic approach to involve kids in the telling process.

Give them the assignment to conclude the story using their suggestions and brainstorming the knowledge they have previously acquired. Make a kids’ competition. Give them a timer as well. Bring in their family members to watch this assignment in class. Each child gives it their or their all and makes the most of their ability because this exercise creates competition among peers.

Choose the finest of their stories, then give them a prize. Kids’ self-confidence will rise as a result of this strategy, and they’ll put more effort into it the next time around. For example, you can remind kids about a family vacation. And ask them to write about their memory of the vacation. This will encourage kids to use real-life experience in writing.

6. Dice Roll

Dice rolling is one more fun task for kids in their creative writing. Teachers can use this task to get wonderful results from kids. Roll the dice between kids and decide whatever the dice lands on is the topic on which you have to write on. For example, the number one lands on you and you get a fairy tale character to write on.

This rolling dice activity can create a competition between kids. They get interesting topics to show their creativity level. Try to write those topics on dice which are based on the kid’s interests so that while writing they enjoy this activity. Most kids need just the right motivation to make fun with creative writing. For example, you roll a dice first to get a topic on dragons. The second kid will get another topic and so on.

7. Use real-life experiences

Always encourage the kids to write about their real-life experiences. The events that happen in their daily life. Doing this will help them to develop writing skills and an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences. For example, a kid can write easily about memorable vacations, funny moments, and difficult days they have. Writing about real-life experiences can develop the ability to storytelling and this will connect them with audiences.

While writing real-time experiences kids also develop the ability to recall the memory or observation skills and they describe from their own experience. Also when a kid write about their own experience then they feel more confident about writing and have a unique voice and perspective.

8. Use Technology

The use of technology is a very good way to enhance creative writing in kids it helps them to innovate and share their work with large numbers of audiences. While using technology will give you access to many writing tools like grammar checkers, etc. which help to improve the quality of writing. It allows kids to collaborate with other writers through online communities. By doing this they can easily share their work and amazing ideas with each other. Using technology helps kids to get more engagement in their creative writing assignments and can share their work with large audiences. It also gives them more confidence and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Technology can also give you the option to add videos and images to your writing this can be more engaging and dynamic. For example, kids can use Docs or Storybird app to collaborate with their friends and create a story using different ideas. Other kids can comment on stories and help them to improve their idea. It can be a fun and engaging way to work on a story together, while also learning how to use online tools for writing and communication.

Use Technology
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Creative writing is a fantastic way for kids to express themselves it can help them to develop their imagination and improve their writing skills. Many other skills are developed in kids while they learn creative writing by using the techniques we discussed above like using technology, using prompts, etc.

Creative writing helps kids to build their confidence, and observation skills and develop a love for writing throughout their lives. This is the teachers’ and parents’ responsibility to help kids in their creative writing journey so they can explore creativity in themselves and their writing skills in a very enjoyable way.

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Soumyajit Chatterjee is a Contributing Editor with Fun to Learn English. He works with various educational institutes in Hong Kong to help them with improving modern English education and making learning with Phonics more fun and enjoyable for children.

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